Who is Number 1 in Real Estate Sales in Brevard County Florida?

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Chances are pretty good that you have received a few real estate postcards in the mail.  Some say Just Sold and Just Listed.  Some Realtors will say they are #1 in sales, #1 Realtor in a particular area or #1 broker on the Space Coast.

Yes I’m sure these mixed messages and large headlines with graphics can be confusing. I mean it seams like a lot of Realtors are all saying they are and/or their firm is #1 in Brevard.

So how can this be true and not Fake News?  Here’s an example I just made up….Bobby Freeman Sells More Merritt Island Homes Than Anyone*

Anyone notice the *? To be legal the small and sometime very small fine print at the bottom of the postcard would says something like this: *All 2,000 – 2,100 sq. ft. homes located in Villa De Palmas on the canal with a red front door.

The same can sometimes be true for Brokers saying they are #1 in sales production in Brevard. With the pretty large bar graphic this company, at first glance, seems like they dominate Brevard County sales. However the small print at the bottom says “sales include Brevard and Indian River Counties.

I take publishing stats very serious and always check multiple sources including the Brevard MLS and 3rd party vendors such as BrokerMetrics to make sure we get it right.  I try to set an example for others to follow but unfortunately that doesn’t always play out the way it should in the real world. 

I am happy to be the voice of reason and share the TRUTH, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

When I searched BrevardMLS and BrokerMetrics for BREVARD COUNTY Sales from Jan 1 – Jun 30, 2017, the real untainted numbers were VERY different then what some competitors are spinning out there.

You may ask, “How does this happen if everyone is pulling from the same sources?”  That’s a great question and one we ask ourselves all the time.  To solve this mystery for yourself, simply contact Rob at the Space Coast Association of Realtors and ask him to generate this report for you.  Rob’s report will be raw and free from any hidden agendas.


#1 RE/MAX Elite $200,070,038

#2 RE/MAX Aerospace $160,799,926

#3 Coldwell Banker Residential $115,596,212

#4 Coldwell Banker Paradise $99,630,194

#5 Keller Williams $98,393,393

#6 RE/MAX Solutions $94,322,867

#7 Dale Sorensen $85,277,028

#8 National $82,298,601

#9 Berkshire Hathaway  $74,275,532

#10 Tropical $58,997,112


#1 RE/MAX $811,655,775

#2 Coldwell Banker $232,253,356

#3 Keller Williams $98,949,461

#4 Century 21 $95,949,461

#5 Dale Sorensen $85,277,028


#1 RE/MAX $89,711,685

#2 Coldwell Banker $56,460,186

#3 Dale Sorensen $35,213,470

#4 Century 21 $20,152,950

#5 Keller Williams $10,709,356

SOURCE: Information provided from Brevard County MLS 1/1/2017 – 6/30/2017. Brevard County, all property types, closed sale volume and transactions. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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