Nine Reasons You Might NOT Want to Hire McCoy-Freeman Real Estate

That’s right! We’ve thought long and hard about it and have come up with nine very excellent reasons you shouldn’t use McCoy-Freeman Real Estate Group. It took many sleepless nights and we wore out dozens of thinking caps before we could come up with the best nine we could. We believe in taking care of our clients and we realized that we might not be able to serve everyone at our 100% best. Well, we can’t have that!?  Take a look at these nine reasons you shouldn’t hire us as your real estate agents.

#1. You somehow find friendly, smiling real estate agents offensive and would prefer cranky ones.

 #2. You would rather deal with someone from Timbuktu instead of true natives of Brevard County!

#3. You enjoy waiting days on end for a response to your phone call or email and we are too prompt in our replies.

#4. You are looking for property on Neptune and we have no experience with that location and can’t offer advice on the local scene.

#5. You actually prefer your real estate websites to list properties that have already sold many many months ago! I guess our websites featuring up-to-date listings scare you? 

#6. You don’t like the idea we have an effective and proven marketing plan & would prefer your agent just winged it. It’s more exciting that way! 

#7. You feel we know far too much about real estate and the Central Florida area and would prefer someone who knows a lot less. 

#8. You enjoy the game of trying to figure out when your agent is lying to you and we are far too honest for your liking.

#9. You would prefer to be treated as a number. There is no waiting in line for McCoy-Freeman Group’s services.

So there you have it! Nine very good reasons not to use us.

What? You mean that none of these apply to you and you want to talk to us about buying or selling real estate? Schedule a time to chat with one of our agents and let’s get started!