Everyday now more and more people our using the “F” word thinking it is the only way to get a real property deal. I’m talking about “Foreclosures”.

Many buyers contact us and only want a current list of all foreclosed properties here in Brevard County Florida. I usually then ask why only foreclosed properties?

They reply that is the only way of getting a great deal in today’s real estate market. Their mentality is if it says “Foreclosure” it is a good deal. Yes, there are great deals out there but there are also deals just as good from original owners.

The bank has lost a lot of time and money having to go through the foreclosure process. There a many fees such as court costs and attorney fees, not to mention the money and time the lender has lost with the owner not making payments.

So once the bank becomes the new owner the property is then listed on MLS. Most banks do price their properties under market value in hopes of a quick sale. Sometimes there is even a bidding war between buyers. There are some bank properties that are sitting because they are asking too much.

On the flip side a knowledgeable buyer’s agent can locate great property deals that are not foreclosures.

So as you can see there have been many great property deals out there and there are more to be had. It is very important to have an experienced team on your side such as RE/MAX Elite’s McCoy-Freeman Group. Just let us know your property criteria and let us show you how to accomplish you real estate goals.