781 Geranium Ave SW Palm Bay Florida Rental Scam

Real estate rental scams are increasing on the internet. If something sounds too good to be true, it is probably a scam.  Case in point, I have 781 Geranium Ave in Palm Bay for sale, not for rent. A scam artist is painting a picture that this property is actually for rent and at a low price. This was brought to my attention when a tenant called me inquiring about the rental.  

Below is the email the scam artist sent to the prospective tenant. 


Thanks for your interest in my property, My family and I are currently in Oklahoma City OK where I work as a Contracting manager with a building contracting company. I am sure you would be asking yourself why my rent is low, that’s because I am not too keen about the amount in renting the house out but to whom I am renting the house out to and  I spent less time in the city so I could not get a hold on any Realtor to handle this rent issue, although it was when I knew how long we are going to stay away that I decided to rent out the house. You can only drive by and view the house from outside for now.
More so, my initial plan was to sell the house but I have already changed my mind about selling, the listings as for sale will be taken down as soon as the agreement to lease the property is completed. I am telling you this just in case if you find the house on another website, that is the old advert. I need a tenant to take care of it but since I am out of the city now. I have received some proposals regarding the rent because it is located in a very nice area of the city, but I still have to make sure it is rented out to someone who can take good care of it. It includes facilities such as water and heat laundry facilities, air condition, internet and telephone access and a car park and other necessary facilities, also comes with trash collection, pets are allowed as well as long as they are not destructive. I will solicit for your absolute maintenance of this house and want you to treat it as your own.

Location: 781 Geranium Ave SW Palm Bay, FL 32908

Rent Fees: Rent Per Month: $1000 (Including Utilities)
Security Deposit: $700 (Refundable)
Pets Deposit: $200 (Refundable)
Large 3 Bedroom 2 Bath
All utilities are included in the rent.
If you know you are capable of the task, get back to me so that I can provide you with some questions that I would want you to answer.
I hope to hear from you soonest.

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